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“Chris has coached me and my team on several businesses over the past three years, he has helped us achieve massive results in terms of profit and revenues but the best thing has been, without doubt, the creation of two successful businesses that work without me.”

Stuart Wright, Managing Director, Envirovent Yorkshire


“I have worked with Chris Fordy from Action Coach for approximately 6 months now and have found Chris to be highly effective.

Having previously seen the monies we spend on marketing and sales as a cost to the business, Chris has helped us see this as more as an investment.

He has also helped in this regard by helping us put into place some test and measure procedures, to clearly monitor the response to our marketing efforts, giving facts and figures, rather than just hoping or guessing that our sales efforts are working.

Some of our conversations seem to be about simple things, however having a fresh pair of eyes looking at your business, without the inevitable emotion that you, as a business owner have, helps tremendously.

I would recommend Chris to anyone thinking about moving their business forward with the help of a business coach.”

Simon Goddard, Director, Alliance Workforce (Leeds)


“Dear Chris

I wanted to thank you for all the time, help & guidance you have given to Smart Aid over the last 18 months in not just formulating and starting Smart Aid itself but the time you have spent working on the charities we are working with on a pro bono basis too.


Your help has been invaluable from the beginning, working with us to create the vision, mission and culture and then creating a clear plan to follow to take it from local to a national level. Without your support and encouragement I am sure Smart Aid would still be more of an interesting hobby than what it has turned into – a full time going concern where we are building a model to help small charities become more effective on a nationwide basis through a social franchise.


The key part of the model is identifying what professional help a charity needs rather than what it thinks it needs. It’s been fascinating to sit in on the meetings you run with the various charities where over 90% of the time the help they felt they needed wasn’t in fact what you identified and they agreed with should be addressed. I have never met anyone as skilled at gentle and polite questioning to really understand an organisation and drill into the real issues they have.


So many thanks for being such a key influence and driving force behind Smart Aid and the charities we help”


David Price, Managing Director, SmartAID (Leeds)


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“I had been in business for 20 years and like so many small business owners I had adapted and grown the business organically and in my case without any formal plan. I had been reactive and very customer focussed at the expense of my personal time, my lifestyle, my staff and business growth. Using CF as my ActionCOACH initially provided me with great personal challenges, for the first time in 20 years I was being asked fundamental questions which I was very surprised that I had not previously asked myself, why am I in business, what is my goal, how do I want the business to grow, who are my customers, what financial state is my business in. Many of these answers were in my head, not written down and certainly not communicated to staff and customers. If my mind was not focused or clear then how could I manage staff and a business successfully?

My biggest crime was using the excuse of being “too busy” and “not having enough time” to plan and manage my business. Using ActionCOACH gave me purpose, a drive, someone to be answerable to, someone to help state my goals and then make sure we stayed on course to hit them together. We can all read books and watch videos and understand the theory but this is not much use if we don’t action this knowledge, my Coach ignited my Action which I now believe is experienced directly by my staff, our customers and our future customers.

Changing my team and developing my business takes time, there are some areas of my business which are only starting to experience the benefits of those tough ActionCOACH sessions. My staff are key and are involved in all aspects of my business, we have a clear purpose, vision, mission and strategy for moving our business forward. We value our customers and we still need to change and develop in many areas, the difference now is that the challenges we face together offer great potential to improve our service and develop ourselves and our business. Yes we can still do things differently, we will never be perfect, we will always learn but we have a great evaluation process to make sure we don’t make the same mistakes again. I may be an owner manager and I am very far from perfect but my staff are my family and together we will grow and learn “a smooth sea never made a good sailor”. I’m doing it my way to make a difference in the world and to make people happy by generating pride, success and profit in everything that we do.”

Christopher Wilson (Bransby Wilson, York)


“I’m working with ActionCOACH because they practice what they coach in terms of exceeding expectation”. Adrian Rumble (Ben Johnson Ltd, York)

“Before joining Action Harrogate we had been bundling along from month to month without much idea of how to make things better….Now however we have increased our turnover by 265% and increased our profit by 400%”.    
Chris and Louise Davies (Davies Recruitment, Malton)

“With the guidance of Action, our company exceeded its already ambitious turnover targets by more than 200%. Furthermore, we now have a much clearer understanding of what makes a business successful and this has enabled us to move forward at an unimaginable rate”. Geoff McAuley (AVQ Ltd, York)

“Our net profit this year, since Action’s involvement in the business, has increased by a massive 1000%”. Richard Sessions (Hollies Engineering, Southampton)

“To anyone thinking ‘I’ve been there, seen it, done it’, take a few hours out of your schedule to get a grip on where you can really take your business and start to learn to fly!” John Greenshaw (Delta-T, Richmond)

“Although we are not out of the river yet, I feel that I am halfway across and at last, I know where I am heading now, thanks to Action”. Graham Stephenson (Graveley’s Champagne & Seafood Restaurant, Harrogate) 


I thought Chris Fordy’s seminar around “How to grow a business” was fabulous and was of huge value to us as a business. The seminar content was very good and the networking was valuable” I would recommend Chris and a future seminar to contacts.

Paul Lanfear – Property Angels


I really enjoyed Chris Fordy’s seminar around “How to grow a business” and felt that I learnt a lot. The seminar content provided an easy to understand overview of what successfully works in business and how we can achieve our own personal and financial goals”.

Azra Sadiq -Azra Chocolates


I really enjoyed Chris Fordy’s seminar around “How to grow a business” as found it motivational and it won us over! The seminar content was easy to understand and the specific methodologies and techniques used highlighted gaps where we can improve and grow as a business. Chris came highly recommended to us by our client and after attending his impressive seminar we felt Chris’s services would be a good fit for our business.

Jim Semlyen – Castlegate IT


I really enjoyed Chris Fordy’s seminar around “How to grow a business” as found it very informative and it was interesting to listen to other people’s views about how Chris has helped them grow and develop their business as there was a case study speaking at this seminar. I found Chris to be inspiring and found that I personally got a lot of the seminar.

Graham Dodds – Avonside Group


I really enjoyed Chris Fordy’s seminar around “How to grow a business” as found it motivational and the content provided me with insight in relation to how and where I can take positive action. It changed my attitude and highlighted the importance of not leaving things as they are so I personally got a lot out of it.

Cactus Backup Ltd


I found Chris Fordy’s seminar around “How to grow a business” insightful and personally got a lot out of it. I thought the presentation content was very good and it provided an opportunity for me to take stock and think about the many possibilities for positive change going forward.

Keith Humphries – Handlesbanken


I found Chris Fordy’s seminar about how to grow a business of great benefit and I also really enjoyed it! I believe coaching is a valuable asset for any business and the seminar was easy to understand with great tips on how to successfully grow a business including how to attract more customers, improved time management techniques and ways to increase company sales which is of interest and benefit to me and my business.

Alison Blue Squirrel Design

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